Spacemit X60 (K1) SPECINT 2006 Benchmark

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I ordered a BananaPi F3 last week and it arrived on May 6th. Using the opensbi and kernel compiled from armbian , replace the rootfs with archlinux.

Surprisely, I found this core has Zicond extension which was ratified in late 2023, then I also add this extension to compiler. As RISC-V vector support in gcc13.2 is not good, I used llvm 17 insted.

The result is shown below:

As an in-order micro-architecture, the result is normal, as I expect. It’s not so good compared to some other cores, such as T-Head C910, but the ISA extension is good for developers. It is an excellent device to come in 2024 for the RISC-V ecosystem, especially for RISC-V Vector software development. I have used it to benchmark my chacha20 RVV patch for openssl, and it has been merged today.

The raw result is at

The configuration file for SPEC CPU I use:

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